Our Vision

  • "Being a most prime institution in performing sustainable public services with environmental friendly approach."

Our Mission

  • "Possessing dynamic task groups to lead the district towards sustainable development through constructive good governance process and empowering human life with an effective & efficient administration and innovative resource management, in line with the policy framework of the Government."

Location and Area

Mullaitivu District is one of the newly created Districts in Sri Lanka in 1979, which was covered by Mannar, Trincomalee and Vavuniya Districts. This District occupies the Eastern part of the main land of Northern Province.

Mullaitivu District has Kilinochchi district on its Northern border, Trincomalee district and Vavuniya district and part of the Mannar district in the south, Mannar district in the West and the sea in the East. It covers land area approximately 2,489.6 sq. Km (including forest area excluding large inland water). This District accounts for 3.8% of the country’s total area.

 Physical Features

The physical feature of Mullaitivu District is flat land, generally sloping to the East and North, in the Western part, towards West and South. This district has 70.1km of coastal belt and four lagoons viz Kokkulai, Nayaru, Nanthikadal and Mathalan with high potentials for prawn culture. The evaluation varies from sea level to 36.5 meters. Major soil groups are reddish brown earth and red yellow lato soils which are suitable for cultivation.

Land Use

This District consists of different Eco-Systems such as forest land, shrub land, Coconut plantation, Agriculture land and water bodies etc. Total land area (Including forest area and excluding large inland water bodies) is 248,961 hectares. Approximately 178,721 hectares which is 71.8% of the total land area consists of forest, agriculture covers nearly 35,403 hectares (14.2%), Wet land accounts for 5,868 hectares (2.4%) another 28,968 hectares constitutes of homestead build up and other land accounts for 11.16%.

The extend of different type of forest in this district is as follows.

 Category In Ha
 Natural Forest  146,804.84
 Scrub Land  29,844.10
 Grass Land  287.42
 Forest Plantation  1,784.73

Water Resources

This district is bestowed with water recourses, which could be utilized for agriculture development. There are no major perennial rivers that could be tapped to provide irrigation cultivation. The district has 04 major irrigation tanks with irrigable areas 12,980.0 in acre ft, another 16 Medium tanks with irrigable areas 11,848.0 in acre ft, and Minor irrigation tanks numbers 250 were water level with irrigable area 11,788 acre in district. Rain water is the only Major source of irrigation for Agriculture.

Administration and Local Government

Administratively this district constitutes part of Wanni Electoral District. The district has 06 administrative divisions and covers 136 Grama Niladhari Divisions and 632 villages And 04 Pradeshiya Sabhas and  08 Pradeshiya Sabhas sub Offices in this District. 

 NO Divisional Secretariat No of GN Division No of Villages
1 Maritimepattu 46 219
2 Puthukkudiyiruppu  19 179
Oddusuddan 27 114
4 Thunukkai 20 35
5 Manthai East 15 68
6 Welioya 09 17
  Total 136 632



This district had a population of 77,515 as per1981 census. The district had population of 91,947 in 2011, which accounts for 0.4% of the Srilanka total population. The resettled population in this district as at 01.01.2020 was 137,511 Details are as follows.

Divisional Secretariat Resettled Population
No of Families No of Members
Maritimepattu 13,280 42,167
Puthukkudiyiruppu  13,794 41,139
Oddusuddan 6,623 20,626
Thunukkai 4,167 12,632
Manthai East 3,177 9,758
Welioya 3,336 11,189
Total 44,377 137,511


Climate and Soil

Dry Zone – bimodal rainfall pattern. Average annual rainfall varies from 1300mm to 2416mm. Temperature range from 25.2ºC to 31.4ºC


Major portion of the population is engaged in Agriculture sector which includes fishing and livestock, other occupations are in the industrial activities, employment in the government sector and private establishments.


The economy of the district mainly depends on Agriculture and fishing. Livestock and Forestry play a supplementary role in the district Economic activities. Nearly 23,734 and 4,210 families are engaged in Agriculture and fishing sector respectively.


The Agriculture sector is the main income generating source in this district. Totally 61% of families depend in this sectors.

District has 21,320.7 ha of suitable land to undertake the paddy cultivation. Details are as follows.

Major -8,253.4 ha
Minor - 5,187.6 ha
Rain fed - 7,888.7 ha
04 Major Tanks & 16 Medium Tanks feed the paddy land of 24,828 ac and the 250 Minor Tanks feed paddy land of 15,236 ac in this district.


This district has a coastal belt of 70.1 km and 04 lagoons namely Mathalan, Nanthikadal, Nayaru & Kokkulai which are very suitable for fishing development. These lagoons are famous for crab and prawn cultivation. There are possibilities for inland fishing development in Major Tanks. Fishing sector takes important place in generating employment opportunities and income facilities to considerable number of families in this district. Still deep-sea fishing is not attuned by concerned authorities.

Description NOs
 Landing Centers  37
 Fishermen Co-operative Societies  32
 Fishermen Co-operative Society Union  01
 District Fisheries Organaization  01
 Rural Fisheries Organaization  30
 Ice Plant  03
 Boat Yard  01


06 MOH Divisions are functioning in the District. A District General Hospital, 03 Base Hospitals, 07 Divisional Hospitals, 08 Primary Medical Care Unit and 42 Gramodaya Health Centers are also functioning under the Regional Director of Health Services, Mullaitivu.


Two Educational Zone (Mullaitivu & Thunukkai) Student populations of 29,698 attend in 127 functioning schools with 2,068 teachers and  Teachers Pupil ratio  1:14 in 2019.

 Name List of The Government Agent's

No. Name From To
1 Mr.Austin Jayawardhana 15.01.1979 27.11.1983
2 Mr.K.K.Gnanachandran 28.11.1983 Feb 1985
3 Mr.T.Senthilnathan Feb 1985 July 1986
4 Mr.K.Ponnampalam July 1986 23.05.1991
5 Mr.R.Tharmakulasingam 24.05.1991 21.08.1999
6 Mr.S.Sundaran 22.08.1999 07.06.2002
7 Mrs.Emelda Sukumar 08.06.2002 13.07.2010
8 Mr.N.Vethanayahan 14.07.2010 10.01.2011
9 Mr.A.Pathinathan 11.01.2011 15.11.2011
10 Mr.N.Vethanayahan 16.11.2011 24.03.2015
11 Mrs.R.Ketheeswaran 25.03.2015 27.01.2020
12 Mr.K.Vimalanathan 29.02.2020