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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

An efficient and effective public administrative service with new technology to the people in the District of Mullaitivu and make Mullaitivu District as a best District.

Our Mission

“Co-ordinate district and, guide the activities of the divisions, and district level institutions towards district development and to improve the performance in delivering the services efficiently, effectively and fulfilling the aspirations and expectations of the people in accordance with the government policy”



  1. To implement the citizens Charters fully in a best way in the District and Divisions.
  2. To be a leader in coordinating the Administration and Development of the District.
  3. To implement government policies and the administration structures in a better way to enhance the productivity and quality in the public service at the district level.
  4. To establish Transparent, impartial and accountable public service.
  5. To strengthen the capacity of the staff.
  6. To improve financial management system in the District Secretariat and Divisional Secretariats.
  7. To enhance an efficient and effective District & Divisional public administration system.
  8. To provide efficient service delivery to satisfy the needs of the public in the district.
  9. Introduce entire services with modern IT to improve productivity and quality service of the Government service.
  10. To measure key financial indicators.
  11. To perform functions delegated by the ministries.
  12. To conduct the state ceremonies in the District and Divisions
  13. To coordinate, monitor and review the progress of the foreign funded projects in the District level.
  14. To prepare preplanning activities to meet the risk management and disasters.
  15. To ensure proper utilization of resources.
District Secretary